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Universal Oil Catch Can / Catch Tank - 0.75L (Black or Silver)

Universal Oil Catch Can / Catch Tank - 0.75L (Black or Silver)

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Universal Oil Catch Can / Catch Tank - 0.75L (Multiple Colours)

Looking to improve your vehicles breathing capabilities, reduce crankcase pressure and clean up your intake - then look no further than these universal oil catch cans. Catch cans help remove the pressure buildup caused by engine blowby and poor OEM breather systems, and can help prolong engine life by reducing carbon deposits on valves, oil buildup in turbos and intercoolers, and much more.

This specific catch can is perfect for tight / cramped engine bay setups. Its small volume and size allows you to fit it in seamlessly compared to some of the larger options.

- Small, compact design perfect for tight engine bays
- Top catch can breather port has internal baffling built in
- Drain plug at the bottom for easy draining and cleaning

- Volume: 0.75L
- Made from High Quality Aluminium with TIG construction
- 2x 10AN Inlets
- Universal application

Package Contents:
- 1x Oil Catch Can
- 1x Air Filter Breather
- 1x Hose Clamp
- 1x Drain Bung

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