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Maxx ECU

Mitsubishi EVO IV - VIII MaxxECU RACE Plugin EXTRA

Mitsubishi EVO IV - VIII MaxxECU RACE Plugin EXTRA

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Mitsubishi EVO IV - VIII MaxxECU RACE Plugin EXTRA

The EGR valve is not controlled.
Stock EVAP can be removed and freeing up GPO 7 for extra in/out on MaxxECU. For using the car's standard ODB-2 port an external wiring to ODB-2 port is needed.

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MaxxECU RACE is flexible,reliable and fast. MaxxECU will give you full engine control!

8 built-in exhaust temperature (type-k) amplifiers (requires secondary cable harness)
Built-in 400kPa(3bar boost) MAP-sensor
Fast and reliable USB PC-communication
Android MDash app wireless BT-communication as dash
Stock MAF-sensor can be removed (if exist) and replaced with MaxxECU internal MAP sensor
Control orginal idle solenoid, AC, tachometer and other original equipment*
Fuel injectors can be replaced with optional high or low ohm
Stock lambdasensor(s) must be removed and replaced with included LSU 4.2 wideband oxygen sensor
No change in the vehicle's original system needs to be done*

Kit includes the following:
MaxxECU RACE unit without accessories
MaxxECU Plugin adapter - Mitsubishi EVO IV - VIII
MaxxECU push-lock to barb (MAP-sensor)
MaxxECU Bluetooth mobile antenna
MaxxECU USB PC cable 1.5m (STREET/V1/RACE)
MaxxECU Plugin lambda cable (16-pin)
Lambda Sensor Bosch wideband lambda LSU 4.2
Connector 6-way socket housing (LSU 4.2 wideband sensor)

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