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Mazda Rx7 FD3S Custom-Fit Indoor Car Cover

Mazda Rx7 FD3S Custom-Fit Indoor Car Cover

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Inner Lining

Mazda Rx7 FD3S / FD Third Generation Custom Fit Indoor Car Cover (1992 - 2002)

Looking to protect your pride and joy from dirt and dust when stored inside? Sick of your car getting dirty after sitting in your garage without having driven it, or just after a bit more privacy? Boosted Kiwi's custom-fit, model specific indoor car covers are the solution!

Why pick our covers?

- Specifically designed and sized to suit the body lines and shape of each specific car.
- Made of a super soft, flexible, high-stretch and breathable fabric with elastic hemming. This ensures your car is protected from scratches when fitting, and the elastic ends ensure a nice fit around the bumpers.
- No straps or clips of any sort, so no risk of scratching!
- Keeps your car protected from dust, dirt, and accidental bumps and bruises
- Looks the part, and helps add to your privacy when storing your car indoors
- Folds up into a neat little storage bag (provided) - to approximately the size of a sleeping bag

This specific cover is shaped to include allowance for an OEM spoiler, but will fit if you do not have one, or one of a similar size.

Suitable For:
- Mazda Rx7 FD3S (1992 - 2002)


By default all covers come in black, with the standard extremely-soft inner lining and are in-stock on the shelf with this option.

We do also offer these in different colours, with different logos, and our "Fleece PLUS" inner lining. An approximate 20 - 30 day wait time will be required for these options - so bear that in mind if wanting to customise the cover from the default. 

The "Fleece PLUS" inner lining is an additional lining added to the inside of the cover to give even more protection, and is made of an extremely high-quality, soft, velvet fleece. This is perfect for customers who want the absolute best of the best, but our standard, extremely soft inner lining will be more than up to the task for 99% of customers.

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