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Maxx ECU



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MaxxECU MINI, based on our market leading MaxxECU units and uses the same easy to use, yet powerful MTune software. Fast Facts:

4 injector (high impedance only) and 4 ignition outputs
4 ignition outputs (no internal amplifiers).
IAT, TPS, CLT analog inputs.
Built-in 400kPa MAP-sensor.
2 extra 0-5V analog inputs.
2 extra digital inputs.
4 extra GPO (GND) outputs.
1 trigger input (VR/Hall). Available digital input can be used as HOME for sequential control).
MTune PC-software with USB connection.
Superfast Cortex M3 120Mhz main processor.

We have a huge selection of everything Engine Management related.
Big brands including Link ECU, Motec & Maxx ECU.
Between the 3 companies we have 100s of parts ready to go to suit your ride!

Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Subaru, Holden, Ford
Silvia, Skyline, RX7, RX8, MX5, Evo 1-10, Supra, GT86, WRX
SR20, RB20, RB25, RB26 RB30, 13B 4G63, 2JZ 2JZGTE 1JZ 1JZGTE

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