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Universal Knurled / High Grip Shift Knob / Gear Knob

Universal Knurled / High Grip Shift Knob / Gear Knob

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Universal Aluminium Knurled / High Grip - Shift Knob / Gear Knob

This is the perfect addition for any car when it comes to upgrading your interior, or as an alternative to the standard gear knob. It feels fantastic and is completely universal to suit your specific application. The knurled bands allow for maximum grip even if you have sweaty hands. By far the best shift knob I have personally driven with - it feels absolutely fantastic.

These are a weighted shifter, and are 95mm in length which results in extremely tight and satisfying shifts - the perfect gear knob makes a MASSIVE difference to the driving experience. These are also 36mm wide, making for an extremely comfortable fit in your hand.

If the universal adapters are the wrong size for your vehicle, they can easily be drilled out a bit larger to suit.

Package contents:

- 1x Aluminium Knurled Shift Knob
- 3x Universal Fittings

Keywords: JDM, Gear knob, Shift knob, 5 speed, 6 speed, manual, automatic, thread, adapter, DBZ, bubble, crystal, flower, likewise

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