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FUNK Motorsport Clamp On Exhaust Heat Shield - Premium Quality

FUNK Motorsport Clamp On Exhaust Heat Shield - Premium Quality

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Protect a specific section of your exhaust from heat transfer quickly and easily, without removal of the exhaust system! Wrap around and secure using the clamps provided for ultimate exhaust heat protection.


These are currently only available in a 15 x 30cm sheet, but FUNK are looking at adding more sizing in the future if demand calls for it.


Our exhaust clamp on heat shields create a thermal barrier around individual sections of an exhaust, keeping pipework insulated and maintaining a higher core gas temperature. As we know, a hotter gas actually helps to accelerate out of the downpipe and exhaust system faster, improving efficiency and in turbo applications, our exhaust wrap around blankets can improve spool time too!


Protect sensitive components by insulating the heat from the exhaust. Exhausts can typically run close to fuel cells, intake pipework and other components that can be seriously damaged by heat. Our clamp on exhaust shields can be held in place using the jubilee clips provided or mechanic lockwire to protect the very specific section required.


Our clamp on exhaust blanket helps to promote reliability within the whole engine bay. Take care of vapour lock, boiled brake fluid and rising cockpit temperatures by insulating the section of the exhaust system that runs close to these sensitive areas and components. Our clamp on exhaust blankets, in two great colour finishes, allow you to protect to a specific section of the exhaust without insulating the entire system.


 - Withstands up to 900 degrees C.

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