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FUNK Motorsport Mk3 Turbo Blanket / Beanie (Premium Quality)

FUNK Motorsport Mk3 Turbo Blanket / Beanie (Premium Quality)

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Turbo Blankets / Turbo Beanies are designed for your high performance car with a number of positive attributes in mind. So, what are the benefits of turbo blanket? With the turbine housing of a turbo reaching maximum temperatures of around 700°C, this can cause issues for all turbocharged vehicles, OEM or Modified, Race Car or Road Car.

Why Do I Need A Turbo Blanket?

A Funk Motorsport turbo blanket can help to:
- Reduce Air Intake Temperatures, resulting in higher performance and more consistent performance figures
- Improve spool up times of your turbo
- Lower Engine bay temperatures
- Improve reliability of surrounding components in the engine bay

What Is So Special About Funk Motorsport Blankets?

Each Mk3 turbo blanket has had extensive improvements to the following areas:

- Specifically developed thread construction to allow for exceptional durability when removal is absolutely necessary. Our new fireproof ultra-high temperature Stainless Steel thread is around 1mm in diameter and can now remain highly durable with temperatures in excess of 1300°C
- New, thicker internal heat lagging insulation to provide up to 3x improved heat reduction. This insulation wool is created from a ceramic silica complex matting to improve durability over prolonged heat cycles, as well as insulation quantities.
- 4-layer construction for improved reliability
- Uprated external Carbon Fibre twill and Titanium twill for an improved aesthetic and more durable finish.
- ROHS tested and approved to ensure compliance and desired parameters are reached within our material selection.
- New style Funk Motorsport emblem for safer handling qualities.

What Size Do I Need?

  • T25 Turbo Blanket – Usually externally wastegated TD04-15T, GT2860, BorgWarner EFR 7163
  • T3 Turbo Blanket – Usually externally wastegated Garrett GT3071R, Garrett GTX3076R, Garrett g25-550, KP39, Most V-Band Applications, Comp-R RS 341
  • T4 Turbo Blanket – Usually externally wastegated BorgWarner AirWerks S369SXE, BorgWarner EFR 7670, Borg Warner s200sx3-75mm s475, BorgWarner S300, BorgWarner S366, BorgWarner S400, Borg Warner EFR6258, Borg Warner EFR 8374, S366, Garrett GTB2260vk, Garrett GT3076r, Garrett GTX3582, Garrett 3586, Garrett 3788, Garrett GT35R, Garrett GT37R, Garrett GT40, Garrett GT42, Garrett GT45, Garrett GT46, Garrett GT47, Garrett GTX42, Garrett T04Z, Garrett 60-1, Garrett TB03, Holset HX35, Holset HX82, HKS T04z, HKS T51R, Precision Turbo PT67, PT6870, T4 6266, Trust TD06-25G Externally Gated.
  • T25 EWG Turbo Blanket – Commonly used on most small to medium-sized internally wastegated applications, which utilize 5 or 6 stud exhaust exits. These include, but are not limited to: Borg Warner EFR 6258, Garrett ETC 8751, Garrett GT2254r, Garrett GT2560r, Garrett GT2871R, Garrett GT2860RS, Garrett GTX25/28, TD04 14T, T25G, VF34, VF35, IGI VQ22, Subaru Impreza WRX, Subaru Impreza STI, Toyota CT15B, TD06 20G, Mini F56, Mini R56, Mini N18
  • T4 IWG Turbo Blanket – Commonly used on most large-sized internally wastegated applications, these include but not limited to: Borg Warner 7670 EFR
  • IHI IS20 / IHI IS38 Turbo Blanket – Commonly used on VAG applications such as the VW Golf R, Audi TTs, Audi RS3, the Audi S3, VW Arteon, Seat Leon Cupra, Mk7 VW Golf GTI, Audi S1 and all VAG 2.0 TSI engines.

Since a Turbo utilises the hot gas flow of the exhaust and the cool air flow of the intake, the close positioning of these two halves of the turbo leads to a high amount of heat soak. This blend of hot and cold parts of the turbo creates issues for both performance and reliability.

Our Turbo insulation Jackets increase in the following sizing order; T2 Turbo Blanket, T25 Turbo Blanket, T3 Turbo Blanket, T3/4 Turbo Blanket, T4 Turbo Blanket, T6 Turbo Blanket., IS38 Turbo Blanket

Unsure which turbo blanket is right for you? Contact us, we will be able to point you towards the most suited blanket for your application.

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