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FUNK Motorsport External Wastegate Blanket / Beanie - Premium Quality

FUNK Motorsport External Wastegate Blanket / Beanie - Premium Quality

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A wastegate blanket works in a very similar way to a Turbo Jacket. After all, they experience very similar conditions to turbos. Both have High flowing exhaust gas through them and both emit high temperatures and heat energy. This hot surface area can over time cause a wastegate issues or boost creep due to the internal diaphragm becoming weak and failing. A better-protected wastegate can ensure a more consistent performing turbo for a longer lifespan of the turbo.

These blankets also retain maximum reliability on surrounding components as well as speeding up the exhaust gases! This can also cause the wastegate to not function efficiently. Wastegate blankets are a simple solution, which secures tightly in place using the supplied locking wire, and performs very similarly to a turbo blanket! Reducing heat soak, increasing exhaust gas flow, and reducing back pressure in the exhaust system.

External waste gate blankets are designed to sit around the body of the wastegate to provide a snug fit that would produce an insulated gate, providing the protection required for your high performance car.

As with all high-performance engines and race cars, managing the heat can be a struggle. Not any more, these blankets are brand new to the UK market and boast the same construction as our all new Mk3. Turbo Blankets. Eliminate heat transfer from one of the hottest parts in your engine bay!

Whether your wastegate is a Tial, Turbosmart or HKS unit, we have the perfect blanket for you. Since wastegates are all common sizes, we have one to suit all. Still don’t know what jacket you would need for your application? Drop us a message, we would be happy to help find the correct wastegate blanket for your application.

Wastegate Jackets come in the following sizes:
– 38mm
– 40mm / 45mm
– 50mm
– 60mm

If your wastegate size is not shown above – do not worry! We would suggest selecting the size that is slightly bigger than your application. This will pull tight and provide a snug fit, regardless of body size.

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