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BK000 Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Adapter - Multiple Colours

BK000 Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Adapter - Multiple Colours

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Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Adapter - Universal With Adapters (M20x1.5 & 3/4-16).

If you're looking to install some gauges or a turbo oil feed into your car, these sandwich plate adapters are the perfect way to get the job done! These adapters contain three 1/8NPT ports with tapered threads, allowing you to easily install oil pressure, oil temperature, and oil lines into your engine without the need to drill into your block. This simply mounts where your original oil filter does using the supplied adapter nuts.

The adapter is made out of aluminum, so it is lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. They also feature a double O ring design to ensure a tight, leak-free seal against your motor. The sensor adapter ports are also tapered, which further helps against leaks. The cheap, low quality ones available on the market only feature a single O-ring and non-tapered threads. Those are prone to leaking and often fail prematurely, so do it once do it right with our ones.

*We are able to source variants with oil cooler fittings, so if you want to run an external cooler just ask and we can source the correct adapter plate for you!*

- Inlet Diameter: 10AN
- Outlet Diameter: 10AN
- Bypass port mounting nut dimensions: 3/4-16 UNF // M20 x 1.5
- Sensor Insert Size: 1/8NPT

Package Contents:

- 1x Oil Sandwich Plate Adapter
- 2x 1/8NPT Block Off Fittings
- Thread Adapters: M20x1.5 & 3/4-16 (3/4 NPT)

We recommend running over the sensor holes with a bit of sandpaper or a file to ensure a clean - debris free finish prior to installation

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