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Honda D Series Polyurethane Shifter Bushes

Honda D Series Polyurethane Shifter Bushes

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Honda D Series Polyurethane Shifter Bushes

Looking to improve that sloppy shifter feel in your Honda? A common problem is worn out shifter bushes allowing excess play in the linkage, and just making the shifter feel gross and loose.

These hardened polyurethane replacement bushes are the perfect solution. They replace your old, worn out, soft rubber bushes with a harder material. The end result is a far firmer, tighter, and sturdier shifter. They are also not as aggressive as solid bushes, and provide some vibration dampening unlike solid bushes.

These are perfect when paired with one of our B series short shifter kits and completely transforms how nice your car is to drive.

Suitable for Honda's running the OEM D series shifter linkages. Frequently seen in Honda Civic's and Integras.

Package Contents:
- 1x Transmission To Linkage Bush
- 1x Shifter Bush

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