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GLOWUP Rubber Trim / Strip Hider

GLOWUP Rubber Trim / Strip Hider

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GLOWUP Rubber Trim / Strip Hider

Looking to clean up your underglow install and make it look that much tidier? We all know how difficult it can be to hide the actual source of the light behind lips and side skirts etc, so these rubber strips allow you to do just that, and results in a far cleaner and tidier looking install.

On New Zealand roads it is also illegal to be able to see the 'source' of the light, so this can be essential if you are wanting to comply with local road laws, and also just makes it look a million times tidier and professional. 

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Installation Instructions:

- Clean the mounting surface with isopropyl alcohol or wax & grease remover
- Peel the 3M backing tape off, and install the rubber trim approximately 25mm infront of your LED strip (or closer if necessary)
- Cut excess off
- Lightly heat the trim with a heat-gun or hairdryer to ensure a good bond

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