Build Showcase - H82BYA S15

Build Showcase - H82BYA S15

H82BYA S15 Rear

Our second build showcase features H82BYA's S15. A low street sweeper with intimidating styling.


The exterior of this car is very "drift" oriented. Super low to the ground, pumped out guards, an aggressive kit and styling. The Vertex kit and S15 centre-delete wing pull together to create a unique, yet effective combination. Combine that with the gorgeous midnight-purple paintjob, and you have a recipe for success. 

H82BYA S15 Front


The interior of this example is still mostly original. A GReddy boost controller and Defi boost gauge allow for boost control and monitoring without any unnecessary fuss and clutter. 

(Photo coming soon)

Wheels & Suspension

BC Gold Coilovers and GKTech adjustable arms allow this sweeper to get super low to the ground, and remain nice and driveable. Aggressive alignment settings and Work Wheels allow this car to not only look good, but handle the part as well - especially sideways... (Only on private roads and tracks of course...).

H82BYA S15 Wheels


The factory SR20DET with some basic bolt-ons allow this car to remain extremely reliable, responsive, and most importantly fun to drive. A front mount intercooler, SINCO exhaust manifold, custom exhaust, Apexi intake and Nistune ECU allows this car to make the most out of this setup. This results in a smooth, nice powerband - especially suited for aggressive driving. The 6-speed manual transmission and LSD allow you to be in complete control at all times.

(Photo coming soon)

Clout Section

You can see more of this build over on instagram. Owner: @H82BYA

H82BYA S15 Rolling

H82BYA S15 Side

H82BYA S15 Rolling

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