Work Wheels & Rays Engineering - Now Available

Work Meister S1 3P - Nissan R32 GTR

Two of the pinnacle names in the Automotive Wheel industry. Unmatched quality, attention to detail, and engineering excellence. Now available at Boosted Kiwi.

We now have the ability to source and supply your dream set of wheels direct from Japan. This includes brands such as ADVAN, Enkei, Rays, Work Wheels, etc. Please fill out as much of the below form as you can, and someone in the team will be in touch to help. Or, feel free to email us at

Popular models we have already sourced for customers include:

 - Work Meister S1 3P
 - Work Emotion T7R2P
 - Work Emotion CR Kai
 - Nismo / RAYS LMGT4
 - Volk TE37 SL
 - Enkei WRC Tarmac EVO

Rays / Nismo LMGT4 - Omori Factory Edition