Build Showcase - DEZIAH S15

Build Showcase - DEZIAH S15

DEZIAH S15 Front

Our first build showcase features DEZIAH's S15. Built to handle on the street as well as the track whilst looking good at the process. You really can get the best of both worlds.


The exterior has been styled to support the natural and original body lines, and to enhance them wherever possible. This is achieved through the full factory aero kit, the S14 wing with a custom gurney flap, as well as other smaller things, like the roof spoiler and monsoons, and even a sunroof. Top that off with the colour changing, custom Work wheels and you have an example that stands out from the rest. Simple, yet effective.



The interior is kept simple. A BRIDE drivers seat keeps you in place, with a WeAreLikewise shift knob to control the 6 speed transmission. Sporting several DEFi gauges giving essential information visible to the driver, it is kept clean and clutter-free.

DEZIAH S15 Interior

Wheels & Suspension

HKS adjustable suspension with all adjustable arms allow the car to sit low to the ground and have plenty of alignment customisability. Some aggressive Work wheels in a custom, harlequin colour really set it off. Low but functional was the key here.

DEZIAH S15 Wheels


Powered by a factory SR20DET with a tasty array of modifications, it has plenty of power to hold its own. The owners goal was responsive and reliable, and he has achieved just that. The top-mount Garrett sitting ontop of a SINCO manifold do the brunt of the work and pull your eyes in. A few nice touches like the Carbon Fiber cooling panel, and gorgeous blue rocker-cover really set it off. Backed with a 6-speed manual transmission and LSD, she's plenty of fun and has rapid gearing. The Link ECU pulls all of this together in harmony with a very nice powerband and some impressive figures.

DEZIAH S15 Engine

Clout Section

You can see more of this build over on instagram. Owner: @__DEZIAH    (thats 2 underscores).


DEZIAH S15 Front




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