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Underglow Neon LED Kit - App Controlled

Underglow Neon LED Kit - App Controlled

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Underglow Neon LED Kit.

This kit is a fantastic addition to any car. It will stand you out from the crowd. The lights are RGB LED's and are controlled by a smartphone app. Meaning you can change your colour on the go to whatever you feel like. The LED strips are flexible and waterproof.

These are high quality, silicone sealed LED's which have a long-life and emit a vibrant light. Most of the cheaper kits on the market are too short to cover the full lengths of your car and emit a poor quality light. Don't bother with the cheaper kits - just go straight to one of our high quality ones and notice the difference immediately.

These are a completely universal application, and can be installed almost anywhere you can think of. Can be done very easily at home with basic wiring knowledge and tools. Wiring may need to be extended to suit your particular application.

Package contents (everything seen in third photo):

- 4x Underglow LED Strips
- Wiring as seen in photos.

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