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Thermostatic Sensor Oil Filter / Cooler Sandwich Plate Adapter

Thermostatic Sensor Oil Filter / Cooler Sandwich Plate Adapter

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Thermostatic Oil Filter / Cooler Sandwich Plate Adapter (With Sensor Adapters)

Looking to run an external oil cooler, and wanting to keep track of your engine vitals? This thermostatic sandwich plate is the perfect solution.

Most thermostatic sandwich plates on the market do not offer any external sensor fittings, meaning you may struggle to manage your oil temp and pressure after fitting an oil cooler, which is never ideal. And most sandwich plates that do offer sensor adapters, do NOT have thermostats in them. This often leads to oil temps below the recommended operating temperature which can create issues. This sandwich plate offers both a thermostat, AND external sensor fittings, solving all of those issues.

- Suitable For M20 x 1.5 & 3/4-16 UNF Oil Filters
- AN10 Oil Cooler Fittings
- 2x 1/8 NPT Sensor Adapters
- Thermostat closes at 71 degrees, and opens at 82 degrees (Celsius)

Package Contents:
- 1x Thermostatic Oil Filter
- 1x M20 x 1.5 Oil Filter Adapter
- 1x 3/4 - 16 UNF Oil Filter Adapter
- 2x AN10 Oil Cooler Fittings
- 2x 1/8NPT Sensor Fittings

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